Are you looking to turn your audience into income?

If you don’t have time to hunt around for businesses that want to advertise on your website, in your magazine or even on your television station – we can help. Our Rolodex of advertisers is growing every day and covers many different market segments. The right fit is out there and we can certainly play matchmaker!

AdBrokers offers a range of advertiser programs – contact us today for any questions you have. If you are already convinced that this is the right move for you, use the link below to get started!


Protect your brand by controlling everything.

Choose only the type(s) of sites you want your brand to appear on. This approach ensures that your maintain the image you want for your company.

Take advantage of our global reach.

This may sound surprising, but North America might not be the best market for you. Some newer companies have had their sales explode overnight just by opening up to a new demographic overseas. We can also help with payment processing for other currencies.

Target your audience.

You know your market, so don’t waste time and money putting your product in front of people who won’t be interested in it.

Enjoy our clear analytics.

Track your progress and improve your ROI by seeing what works and what doesn’t. Our tools allow you to see where your money is best spent.

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  • food and
  • automotive
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    and software
  • online trading
  • security
  • everything


Time savings versus dealing with individual Advertisers/Publishers.

So you’ve got clients and you’ve got places on the web that you spread the word about their products or services. Now imagine for a moment how smart you’ll feel when you team up with AdBrokers and get far more reach with less time invested.

Greater reach than the average broker.

Getting your clients’ products in front of eyes and getting clicks and conversions is your bread and butter. While AdBrokers is splashing your client’s business all over the web, you’re reaping the benefits and still making your commission. Why bother researching hundreds of new avenues yourself when we already have them on speed-dial?

Why Choose AdBrokers?

  • 25 years combined experience
  • Vast network of Publishers and Advertisers
  • Great support from our expert team
  • Located in a North American city (Toronto)
  • Diverse experience ranging from affiliate marketing to advanced web security